Free replacement in 15 days. We will replace the product within 15 days from the date of purchase if there is a factory defect. If the model is discontinued, the retail customer will receive a product with similar technical characteristics and performance.

12 months or 24 months (depending on the product) free repair or replacement. We will repair the product after 15 days (from the date of purchase) up to 24 months, if it has failed (incorrect factory operation). If the repair is not possible then it will be replaced with a new one. If the model is discontinued, the retail customer will receive a product with similar technical characteristics and performance. The customer has the obligation for this period to keep the legal receipt or invoice and present it to the Retail Store where the purchase was made.

The warranty does not apply to damage caused by human error, misuse or excessive force and disassembly. The warranty is limited only to the lens and not to its individual parts or accessories.

The Keanos® Aegean & Icarian diving lenses, the Keanos® Atlantic & Pacific head lenses, the Keanos® Hector neck lens, and the Keanos® EDC Caribbean lenses you have just purchased, come with a two (2) year Good Function Warranty.

The Keanos® Black Panther Power Bank , the Keanos® KN2150 & KN2655 and the Keanos® Black Rhino Car charger, Black Spider charging cable & Cabrera Wall Charger accessories that you have just purchased, comes with a one (1) year Good Working Order Guarantee.

Please read carefully the warranty conditions that come with the product. It is noted that Keanos® LTD Company provides technical support for selected Keanos® products which it imports and sells in the Greek market. These products have specific serial numbers, product & QR codes. Keanos® LTD Company, guarantees that for the period of validity of the warranty, it will cover in the way and means available any damage that the product will present. A prerequisite for the warranty to be valid is that the product is used according to its intended purpose, in accordance with its specifications and characteristics, and under normal conditions.

The guarantee starts from the date of purchase of the product, which is proven by the presentation of a legal receipt or invoice. The Guarantee is valid as long as

The serial number of the device (Serial No) is clearly visible and has not been tampered with. The product transported to the Keanos® LTD Company laboratories is accompanied by its legal purchase document – where the date and type of the product is clearly indicated – & a brief description of the damage.

The guarantee ceases to apply when:

The device’s serial number (Serial No) has been altered or tampered with. The damage is the result of modifications, poor connection, poor installation or misuse. The damage was caused by an accident, changes in the voltage of the power grid, liquid or fire, abuse or negligence. Liquid has penetrated the product. Defects or damage to the device or its components, caused by poor shipment or transport without proper packaging.

There are obvious signs of dropping or tampering with the device, such as scratches, bent screws, cut wires, etc.

The guarantee does not cover:

Normal wear and tear due to use on the outer casing of the appliance or damage caused by accidents, lightning, water, fire, improper ventilation. Damage caused to the product by any adjustments or settings that do not correspond to the technical specifications of the product. Defects or damage from food or liquids, corrosion, oxidation or use of incorrect voltage. Periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of components as a result of physical wear and tear. Travel expenses of the technician for home repair. Installations of materials or equipment made by third parties not authorized by Keanos® LTD Company.